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Prom Drama 2017

Barbie gets the cutest promposal of 2017

Prom 2017 is winding down! The accompanying drama of the season electrified high schools across the country. Promposals flooded Instagram accompanied by cries of joy, acceptance, rejectionlaughter and tears.

Prom Fashion in Fairfield County

Prom groups formed, and hordes of hormonal teen girls crowded boutiques and department stores on a frantic search for the “dress” with stoic parents in tow. The dress process can be frustrating for those moms whose daughters are not a perfect size 4 o 6. Remain patient, you will find the perfect dress for your angel. There is joy in watching your teenager blossom into a beautiful nymph. And the photos become part of each teen’s life history.

The Search For The Perfect Dress

My daughter Aislinn tried on many dresses. While it was an endless process, we learned a good Its lesson. Our last stop of the day, was a tiny boutique in Fairfield, Connecticut – and it just wasn’t working for us. Aislinn was just about to turn away the last dress offered by the saleswoman. But the woman insisted Aislinn try on this dress saying, “Never judge a dress by how it looks on the hanger! Try it on!

The shop owner coaxed my daughter into ` The winner!

Aislinn tried the dress….and that was the one!

Perfect Setting For a Pre Prom Party

Aislinn’s pre-prom party was perfect. The night was beautiful and warm. The setting was by a beautiful pond, and all of the girls looked beautiful! In mostly long dresses in amazingly complimentary colors.. I spent the evening taking photos of Aislinn and her date, and Aislinn and her many girlfriends. Her friend, Nadia, spoke for the group. After all of that searching for dresses, we all found the right one! Sí!

Aislinn and a few of her Besties

Aislinn and her date, P.J. strike a pose

The boys, all looked great and handsome…if a bit awkward. I’ve often wondered if these young men feel like a footnote in the presence of such a feminine force! Sí, Im sure they must…but its part of high school, and so it goes on….They too, will have the photos and the memories. All good.

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