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Blog 1, December 19, 2016

With less than four hours of sleep and a black Cafe Bustelo in my new red coffee mug, my commute to work in New Jersey begins heading South on the Saw Mill Parkway toward the Tappan Zee Bridge. Going against the daily commute on I287W, I can’t help but have a little compassion for the herd middle class commuters idling at a stand-still heading East into White Plains.

In a vein attempt to look presentable before reaching the office, I haphazardly put on my face groping for my mascara in my briefcase while inhaling a low fat low carb Chocolate Chip Muffin. Slowly, the tired squeaky wheels in my brain begin to turn as I prepare my mental to do list, assembling each task with some semblance of priority, but unfortunately, all my tasks are a priority. All thirty seven of them… from planning assignments for two college interns, writing three purchase orders, a subcontract, changing formulas in material and subcontractor cost report, verify asphalt quantities with a senior estimator on a Con Edison bid, and perform a commercially useful function on a WBE (women business owned enterprise)…. all before an early morning project meeting with our joint venture partner, in the large conference room on the first floor that has NO service so I can’t read the 77 emails jammed in my inbox, while the team reviews the critical path on a project schedule.

Its barely 6:00AM, three phone calls went straight to voice mail and my teenage son is texting me about what we are having for dinner. I am completely exhausted and utterly stressed knowing full well that when I walk through the office door in less 45 minutes, my to do list will go straight to hell in a hand basket…. all in the blink of an eye…..

This is my life…. a newly divorced single mom, a Civil Engineer making her way through the fast paced, ever so stressful and complicated world of heavy construction.

Thanks Prince, its just another Manic Monday.

Come follow my crazy chaotic journey…

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